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How do you Sleep at Night? by CMDORE

Seriously Dipper, you’ve seen some stuff.

More Gravity Falls fanart feat. sleepy!Dipper and a certain little fella thats always watching

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stop doing things in unison you adorable little jerKs

God dammit

A thing I love about Gravity Falls is the twins’ personalities are so distinct, you sometimes forget they’re twins. Yet at the same time they will often do ‘twin’ things like move or talk in unison. They’re their own characters yet they are also a set, and that healthy balance is a great characterization.

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not letting this meme die featuring mostly bill cipher

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The only medicine we need to fight ebola is a chill pill

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SWAMPWITCH chapter one - Page 9

(c) C. M. Dore’ 2014

WOAH another page??? Well today is the comics update date so I guess we’re all good right? Well all except for Maddy. I’m still mad about her story tbh…

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I won’t have that Yankee talk in my kitchen!
--- Granny, The Beverly Hillbillies (via heritage-and-tradition)
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Sleepy Hollow #1 NYCC Exclusive Cover by Noelle Stevenson.

Did I mention I’ll be at NYCC next week?

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my phone just changed “what” to “me hat” and i can’t stop imagining a forlorn pirate reaching for his cap as it floats just beyond his grasp in the breeze only to clutch his breast as he sheds a year and murmurs “…me hat…”

forlorn pirates apparently go from 25 to 24 with just a touch of the breast!!!

my phone has struck again. this poor pirate has to suffer through so much. tragic.

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